Friday, September 21, 2018

How You Can Save Birds From Flying Into Windows

Here is a guide for homeowners who would like information on how to reduce bird window collisions. To view the brochure produced by the American Bird Conservancy, click on this link.  collisions_flyer.pdf

Millions of Birds Die Annually in N. America From Building Strikes


Dead Yellow-billed Cuckoo.  Found August 2007 by WVAS member Marty Jones at the glass entrance to Lost Creek Elementary School in Terre Haute, Indiana.  The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency has estimated 100 million birds die annually in the U.S. due to building collisions.  

Minnesota Bird Safe Building Guidelines

The guidelines were originally developed by New York City Audubon in 2007.  This 2010 version was produced by Minnesota Audubon and is presented in two parts.  

Part 1: MN_bird-safe-building-guidelines_Part1.pdf

Part 2: MN_bird-safe-building-guidelines_Part2.pdf

Fritted Glass

Here are two photo's of Fritted Glass.  Only in the closeup photo to the right can you see the design.


Window Reflection Kills Birds


Two dead birds lying on the sidewalk in front of Old Navy on South US 41 in Terre Haute.  Note how the birds collided with the window without advertisement.  Anything that can be placed on the glass to break-up the window reflection of the sky, especially if placed on the outside of the glass, can greatly reduce bird collisions.
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